Jamie Mash

Compliance Specialist, EasyIEP Contact

Penny Baker 


I am currently serving as a Special Populations Office Assistant Assistant for DCBOE. I began serving the district in 1995 as a Special Education Assistant. My educational experience includes working as a Special Ed. Assistant,  working with transition students, Challenge, and I am a bus driver. 

 "Every student can learn just not on the same day or in the same way."

Sherry Swaw 


I am currently an Administrative Assistant at the Special Education office, which includes traveling to schools and assisting the Speech Therapists. I am also a full time Special Education Bus Driver. I started working for DCBE in March of 2000 and was hired as an Educational Assistant trained to be a Bridges Instructor. My educational experience includes Educational Assistant, Bridges Instructor, Ancillary (2002-2006), Study Hall and ISS Instructor, Attendance Secretary, Speech Therapist Assistant, and Bus Driver for 7 years. 

"Children can be upset or mad today and tomorrow act like nothing happened. Adults can learn from children."

Tammy Morris 


I am currently the Special Populations Office Assistant. I began serving DCBE in October of 2010. I have an Early Childhood Education certificate. I have owned and operated my own childcare facility in California. During my time with DCBE, I have worked at Charlotte Elementary in the baby daycare for 4 years. Then I transferred to Centennial Elementary where I taught preschool for 2 years, and then I finished with kindergarten and first grade inclusion. In 2019 I joined the Special Populations Department. 

"You get what you give."